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Titles and Awards

Special Awards

AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award

This award honors those individuals who deserve special recognition for having made a difference in the sport of purebred dogs…

The Leigh Carter Sportsmanship Award  

The American Belgian Tervuren Club’s Leigh Carter Sportsmanship Award is presented annually in memory B. Leigh Carter.

OFA Champions for Health Award

To recognize a dog that has had significant accomplishments in the ring, in the field, in performance events, as a producer, or as a working dog, AND has the full complement of health testing appropriate for its breed

Perpetual Lists

These lists are available as downloadable pdfs and maintained by the ABTC.  Contact the chairman of the appropriate committee if you have a concern.


The ABTC Breeder Achievement Award is given in three categories: Conformation – CBAR, Obedience (includes Tracking) – OBAR and Performance (includes Agility) – PBAR. Each category requires that a male must accumulate 100 points and a female , 50 points. Points are earned from titles earned by direct and grandoffspring. For further explanation, see the Bar Standards document in the Download Files area. Contact Claudia Weiss for corrections.

 ABTC BAR Females   updated August 2023           ABTC BAR Males    updated August 2023        

ABTC Versatility

A “Versatile” Belgian Tervuren must earn a title in four out of the five AKC categories — conformation, obedience/rally, tracking/scentwork, herding, or agility. This recognition started in 1998 and required a title in four out of the five (conformation, obedience, tracking, herding and agility) areas available at that time. In 2021, the categories were updated to include new titles and venues offered by AKC. Changes were retroactive. The owner of the dog must send in an application to the Awards Committee for this award.
Obedience/Rally – RE or CD, must be earned at trials not virtual
Tracking/Scentwork – TD, TDU, SWN (Scent Work Novice) acceptable

List of ABTC Versatile Tervuren    updated  2015


The ABTC recognizes the Top Ten in conformation, obedience, rally, agility and junior showmanship each year. 
Download file that explains how the ABTC computes these standings.  
View Top Ten for 2022
View Top Ten for 2023
Download the ABTC Top Ten List for 2022

American Kennel Club Title Winners

AKC Best in Show Wins Tervuren –
Download list of Tervuren who have won BIS updated 2015

AKC CHUDT – The ABTC motto originated back when a championship and a utility dog tracker were the highest titles offered by AKC.
A well-balanced Tervuren has a CH at one end and a UDT on the other.
Download List of ChUDT Tervuren  – last updated 2023

AKC CT – To become a Champion Tracker the dog or bitch must have earned the TD, TDX and VST titles. Contact Sharon Brewer if you have questions or corrections.
Download List of CT Tervuren    updated 2022

AKC Dual CH – Tervuren who have earned both a Conformation Championship and a Herding Championship may be called a Dual Champion. This recognition started in 2001 but is retroactive to the start of AKC’s herding titles.
Download list of Dual Ch Tervuren    – last updated 2014

AKC Herding CH – The American Kennel Club started its Herding program in 1992. Previously, herding achievements were recognized by the ABTC as “Herding Trial Champions”. HC CH Theriot’s Red Baron UD was the first dog of any breed to earn an AKC Herding Champion title.
Download list of AKC Herding CH   last updated  2015

AKC MACH Tervuren  –  Download list   last updated 2015

AKC OTCH Tervuren  – Download list    updated 2014

AKC TCH – A Tervuren that has been awarded the title of Dual Champion (DC) and the title of Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) or Tracking Champion (CT) or Agility Champion (MACH or PACH) may be designated as a Triple Champion.
Download list of TCH Tervuren    last updated 2014