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AmericaN Belgian Tervuren Club

The official AKC-recognized national parent club.

There are few breeds more physically striking than the Belgian Tervuren. Dark, intelligent eyes gaze from a black-muzzled face. The dog’s body hair is moderately long, though more abundant in mature males, and is of a base color ranging from warm fawn to fiery mahogany, overlaid with a veil of black. Owners love the breed for its beauty and versatility.

"A well-balanced Tervuren has a CH (championship) on one end and a UDT (Utility Dog Tracker) on the other."

Is a Terv for You?

Those of us who live with a “Terv” are completely charmed by their intelligence, trainability, and, perhaps most of all, their sense of humor. However, the Belgian Tervuren is certainly not a dog for everyone

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Support the Belgian Tervuren by joining the breed club. Meet other members and their dogs. Find local club-supported events. A subscription to the bi-monthly club publication Tervuren News Tales, is included with each membership.

Breeders List

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Contact a Tervuren breeder on this list arranged by state for more information.

How can you identify a Responsible Breeder

The American Belgian Tervuren Club is made up of breeders, exhibitors, handlers and owners who love the breed for its beauty, athletic ability and versatility. Founded in 1960, the club sponsors a national specialty show each year and supports local conformation shows, obedience and agility trials, herding instinct tests and herding trials as well as other dog sports venues.