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National Specialty Rally High Combined

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 YearAwardRegistered Name Owner’s Name
 2009  CH Zeremar’s Bound & Determined UDS RE NA Jeanne & Vincent Ramirez
 2010  No Award 
 2011  No Award 
 2012  No Award 
 2013  CH Mighty Supernova of Earlymoon CD GN RE MX MXJ MJB XF CA Dawna Andrews & Dawn Wilcox
 2014  CH MACH Incyta Split The Nite UD VER TD RE MXG MJG MFB VCD2 Marcia Halliday
 2015  DC Whynotta True Rhythm VCD3 RAE HXAsd HXBd HIBs Kim Cassida
2016  CH Tica Triple Playback CGC BN CD RAE Susan Young
2017 Bijou Luisant Joie De Vivre CD PCDX BN RAE2 HSAds AX AXJ MXF CAAKatherine Shogren
2018 High CombinedCH BijouLuisant StarrCreek Blkcat HighVelocityMissile CD PCDX BN RE HTK Shogren, S Webb, L Webb, C Mednick
2019HIT and High CombinedCT Sensation’s Most Valuable Player CDX BN GO RAE3 PT OA OF CAA CGCR Hatcher-Pientok & A Pientok
2020 show cancelled due to COVID-19 
2022HC/THQRACH Synedockes Yaak Valley Indy RM2 RAE2 CGC TKNSue Janssen