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A Quick History of Belgian Registration in the AKC
ABTC Calendar Mar 2023 
ABTC Code of Ethics Feb 2020
ABTC Yearly Awards Criteria
ABTC Top Ten Awards Criteria
Identify a Reputable Breeder
OFA CH for Health Application

ABTC Forms

ABTC Awards Request Form 2024

ABTC Awards Request Form 2023 
ABTC Member Judge Application form
ABTC Membership(Regular) Application Form
ABTC Membership(Associate) Application Form
ABTC Membership(Jr) Application Form
ABTC Reimbursement Request r2021
ABTC Store Order blank r2024Mar
Area Club Guidelines r2020Apr
BAR Application form 2023
Breed Advisor Application
Breeder Listing Application
Breeder Referral and Breed advisor programs

Awards Booklets

2009 Awards Booklet
2010 Awards Booklet
2011 Awards Booklet
2012 Awards Booklet
2013 Awards Booklet
2014 Awards Booklet
2015 Awards Booklet
2016 Awards Booklet
2017 Awards Booklet
2019 ABTC Award Listing


2023  ABTC Slide Presentation JBell
Anesthetic Primer for Belgians
Updated Gastric Cancer Blood Collection Info 

JEC Resources

Belgian Tervuren Illustrated Standard 2012
Belgian-Tervuren Quick Reference Guide 2009
Belgian Tervuren Quick Guide for Judges
Four Breed DQ Chart
Belgian Tervuren Mentors