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Judges Education

The ABTC is dedicated to providing quality education resources for AKC judges and prospective judges of the Belgian Tervuren. In addition to developing the Online judges Guide, the Judges Education Committee conducts numerous seminars throughout the country, offers ringside mentoring, and hosts an intensive workshop for judges at its National Specialty show. Be sure to explore the additional breed-specific Judges Resource links below, as well as the entire ABTC website where you will find a great deal more information about the talented and beautiful Belgian Tervuren.

Online Guide for Judges –  An in-depth description developed by the Judges Education Committee. 

Judges Education Seminar Slide Presentation – Designed by the ABTC Judges Education Committee and shown at ABTC sponsored judges education seminars to guide interactive discussion.

List of Belgian Tervuren Mentors  

Printable JEC Resource Materials

Belgian Tervuren Illustrated Standard 2.2 MB 30/03/2013, 20:38

2009 Quick Reference Brochure for AKC Judges (tri fold) 278.3 KB05/12/2012, 23:32

2007 Quick Guide for AKC Judges

AKC Belgian Tervuren Breed Standard 

Chart comparing Faults and Disqualifications for the 4 Belgian breeds

AKC Judges Education Web Seminar Comparison of Belgian Breeds 05/15/2020 – 4 noted AKC Belgian judges discuss the Belgian Sheepdog, Tervuren, and Malinois (Powerpoint presentation)
View by requesting access here

Contact the ABTC Judges Education Committee to request a judge’s Breed Presentation for your event or to request a ringside mentor at a show near you.